Business & Corporate Laws:

We provide Comprehensive Advisory, Research, Consultancy & Litigation Services on Company/Corporate Law matters.

We provide Comprehensive Advisory, Research, Consultancy & Litigation Services on:
1. Company/Corporate Law;
Our service ranges from Company formation, Corporate Governance, Business Operation, Company Restructuring and Reorganization to Dissolutions &Winding-up procedures. It addresses issues like: Company formation Corporate Governance Legal Risk & Compliance Assessment; Draft, review, update- corporate policies/directives/manuals Contract Negotiation; Review and drafting of business agreements Specialized Contract Management; Mergers, Acquisitions; Company Restructuring, Reorganization, Debt Restructuring, Dissolutions, winding-up. Provision of Legal opinions on different corporate and transactional matter; etc.

2. Trade& Investment
Commercial Contracts International Trade Equity financing/JV investment Business license, Commercial Registration & operation Investment permit, incentives & legal protections Import& Export Capital Markets Eth. Commodity Exchange market IT & Telecom Services

3. Legal Due Diligence
Legal Due diligence study is an indispensable part of any Merger/Acquisition/Capital rising/financing and other transactions, as it enables a potential buyer/investor/financer to learn more about an organization, to identify any potential or contingent legal risk associated with the Target ORGANIZATION which may have an impact on the negotiation, structuring and implementation of the intended transaction. By offering Legal Due Diligence Services, our firm is committed to:
Undertake Legal Due Diligence investigation of the Business and Affairs of organizations; Prepare/Submit a Written `Legal Due Diligence Report`