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Woubishet is the managing partner at Habesha advocates who has LLB, in the Year 2008, Diploma in Personnel Management from Addis Ababa Commercial College in the Year 2000. He has participated in various Training, Workshops, and Seminars in his tenure as an employee of the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, its Labor Union, and As a Practicing Lawyer. Ever Since becoming a practicing Lawyer for over Eight years, has consulted and represented other than the wide array of Individuals and small businesses, He has consulted investors, business organizations, and civic organizations: amongst are Sylva Alcohol Factory, Tenkir Shoe Factory, Yekabdi Agro-Processing PLC, Demtay Base General Trading PLC, HVACR Ethiopia, Alemhiwot Building Constructor, Meseso Building Contractor (Mengsteab Gebremariam), NewPick Construction (Tadesse Alemseged) and Tekeba Berhanie Construction. Over this period of Total Services of over 21 (Twenty-one) in a different capacity, handled various legal cases for Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, its Union, private clients matter ranging from simple Right and obligation matters settlement to multi-million right enforcement, and drafted and winded agreements and negotiations behalf of Clients as per a specific power of attorney conferred upon. He has worked as JBC, Senior Service Clerk, IT Helpdesk, Attorney, Legal Expert at CBE Credit, Acting Legal service Manager. All these encounters made a significant impact and left his footprint on the modus operandi. Currently, He works as an attorney and consultant at law since March 2013.